2 points submitted 2 days agoI used a Bluetooth dongle on my phone since my Sony Walkman W850 days (which didn have a 3.5mm jack) all the way through to now (Nexus One was my first Android) and while I not of the bunch of peeps who clammer about audio quality etc, it is nice for when the dongle goes flat.There also the issue of wear on USB ports. I had many tablets / phones that have had busted ports and find the 3.5mm jack the most resilient of them, and if the USB C port went I have no way of charging, nor plugging my headphones in when the dongle dies. 15 points submitted 2 days agonah, it would be inferior.

swimsuits for women I cannot sleep. Air Force Col. Morris D. Secret Love Affair Nothing showcases Yoo Ah In’s genius like this show. 20 year old piano prodigy falls in love with 40 year old piano teacher but it’s ever so more complicated. Her job is to make rich people happy, to the expense of her own happiness, and her husband is a whiny jerk.. swimsuits for women

cheap bikinis I think about things we used to do and how I enjoyed them, but I don’t let myself sink into despair. After reminiscing, rather than being sad at the lost friendship, I’m grateful I got to experience those past times. I don’t judge myself harshly that I can’t keep friendships, because I obviously can, and I don’t blame the the other person as having done me wrong.. cheap bikinis

cheap bikinis They are not you. If you are unhappy then leave. If you want to keep going, then fight. Any bets on a backroom deal or a fall back plan with China for NK, where if they get the US to walk away like this, they go sell out to China, and get SK to go along with it for a «unified Korea»? Oh, oh that would suck so much. Hahah. Fuck you Trump, prolly just pissed away allies over your ego.. cheap bikinis

Tankini Swimwear At the same time, VS Direct sales have been largely flat as a pancake since 2010, bouncing between $1.5bn and $1.6bn. First, there are natural tailwinds to NOPAT margin if growth in the direct channel and BBW overall continues to outpace that of VS in store. Second, International should be a source of support as China sales are decreasingly overwhelmed by investments in new stores. Tankini Swimwear

plus size swimsuits These entrepreneurs are selling large. The urban apparel segment of the industry alone grosses a whopping $58 billion in annual sales, according to Marshal Cohen, co president of NPD Fashion World, a consulting firm that tracks the nation’s apparel and footwear industry. By 2007, urban apparel sales are expected to increase by another 48.28% to about $86 billion.. plus size swimsuits

beach dresses As much as we adore the Cinque Terre, the secret is out and hordes of day trippers have somewhat ruined the romantic vibe of many of the five towns. Not so in Camogli cheap bikinis, with its faded pink, yellow, red, and orange hued buildings Bathing Suits, its charming cobblestoned thoroughfare that runs along the seafront, and the lovely main square where you can linger at an outdoor table over an espresso or Aperol Spritz while watching the locals going about their daily routines. Don miss a hike into the hills up to La Cucina di Nonna Nina, a shrine to Ligurian dishes like marinated anchovies, fritto misto, and the unforgettable pesto that originated in this region of the country.. beach dresses

swimsuits for women You might be wondering, ‘Why would anyone want to harm themselves?’ and ‘Why do people cut themselves, anyway?» Cutting is a serious mental disorder and is often done impulsively without forethought. After cutting, people often feel ashamed and wish they had not done it in the first place. However, as an addiction, people find themselves going back to cutting. swimsuits for women

cheap bikinis It read in big letters: » INGLE ELLS, INGLE ELLS» then in slightly smaller wording underneath: «The holidays just aren’t the same without J B.» I don’t remember what the rest of the billboard looked like I’m sure it had a picture of a J B bottle somewhere and maybe red and green colors, but what I remember for many years now is what it said. I’ve always thought that that was just the cleverest ad I’ve ever seen. When it comes to ad content, which makes room for more risk taking and creativity. cheap bikinis

wholesale bikinis Obviously the new CEO will be charting the course of the firm in the long term. Judging by the timing of the new hire which is expected to happen in the summer, the new CEO will not be able to make changes that will affect this year. This means that the stock will rely on facing easy comparisons, marketing, and the new initiatives that the firm has in place already.. wholesale bikinis

Bathing Suits Excellent management team that keep doing the right things in the best interest of shareholders. MAIN is an internally managed BDC and this is a distinct advantage for both BDCs and REITs, as can be seen/proven through one of Brad Thomas’ recent articles. The quality of the management team is so good that this alone can justifies the stock price trading at a significant (around 40% 50%) premium to BV; not a common view, generally speaking and especially not nowadays Bathing Suits.

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