Vital services may go mp warns: New report has warned of dire health risks of using medical marijuana. But it does바카라 not seem to worry many of us now.

And so is this new report by Vital Facts on the subject. The reason is simple: the report warns that there are more people now using medical marijuana than ever before.

It also suggests that some medical users would like to start using it because of a lack of medical knowledge.

Not surprisingly, it appears that almost all of the 1,500+ medical users that were interviewed were either currently or had been in the past before deciding to use marijuana.

Of course, one could simply take this survey in the same time frame, with the same question wording, and still find that most users would rather be out in the open and have the opportunity to experiment.

Which makes no sense to me: the public doesn’t seem to be ready to learn.

But wait! There’s more. The report also says that we might soon see people who previously never used any legal drugs being able to get them.

As the report points out, this means it could happen in several years:

It is anticipated that in the short to medium term, the legal recreational marijuana market will be significantly larger than that of the non-medical cannabis markets, which is not expected to change dramatically as long as no significant change to the supply or distribution of legal recreational marijuana occurs within the next five years. In the short term, r우리카지노egulatory pressures may increase the demand for medical cannabis and the supply of medical cannabis by individuals and entities who are in effect legally restricted from commercialization of medical marijuana as a pharmaceutical substance. Medical consumers might choose to take advantage of the opportunity cre바카라ated by the increasing availability and regulation of legal recreational marijuana through a variety of legal means. Legal recreational marijuana consumers would benefit more from, or take up, legal medical marijuana if they have access to non-medical marijuana.

And, of course, the report goes on to say that even some of these «non-medical marijuana consumers» would eventually «find that they want to get into the medical pot game.»

I’m not sure where this is going on, but maybe it’s a new belief system to this author.

But anyway, the report was published by Vital Facts. It has no obvious influence on me, I guess. But, on the basis of my own experience, and on the recommendation of a number of others in the area, I think it does help inform policy makers and policy makers hav