Man to front court over marijuana haul after his arrest on November 15, 2013

In a stunning development, the judge sentenced Tamerlan Tsarnaev in absentia for possessing weapons during the siege that killed three people and wounde더킹카지노d more than 130 others at a finish line of the Boston Marathon, the Boston Herald reported.

Tsarnaev is set to be held in Boston’s Dorchester Prison pending sentencing for killing three people and injuring more than 130 during last month’s terror attack.

«We have a significant number of weapons,» the judge, William Hynes, told Tsarnaev during his two-day hearing earlier this month.

«My point is this: Do you have any weapons?» Hynes pressed.

«Yes sir,» Tsarnaev replied.

Tsarnaev then took a seat as other court staff watched while the judge explained the case.

The judge also questioned the lawyer of the accused in court.

«You have taken a very principled stance in this case,» said District Judge William Hynes.

«Yes sir» Tsarnaev responded, according to court staff.

In an apparent dig at the lawyers’ defense counsel, Hynes turned to the accused, whom he said was taking a stand for the principle of freedom of expression.

«You don’t believe that if they had [bomb] ingredients … it would be acceptable for them to be held in a state of terrorism … the risk that this person could harm more than a few people in this courtroom with very light firearms on him.

«Well, in fact what that risk does not contemplate, that the risk to the other people involved is just not very small,» the judge noted.

At the end of the hearing the judge said: «I would like to hear from both of you.»

The judge also asked if one of the lawyer’s words could be interpreted as a criticism of Tsarnaev’s father.

A lawyer for one of the family members, who did not want to be named, told NBC News the judge’s words were «absolutely not» about the elder Tsarnaev’s defence.

«This is clearly a tragedy for the entire community around Boston, and we all know what that means in real terms. There is no mention of the elder Tsarnaev in there,» attorney David Bruck told NBC News.

T바카라사이트amerlan has also been 더킹카지노charged with three felonies related to the attacks, the Globe reported.

After the hearing the elder Tsarnaev’s lawyer said Tsarnaev’s reaction to the hearing «does nothing to support that.»