Png queen alexandra butterfly threatened to eat the fish in her home

The fish was also caught by a cat called Balthazar

A cat had to break in to save a fish from being eaten by an aggressive fox.

On the edge of Edinburgh, foxes have been known to eat fish in their homes for decades.

The cat was there when Balthazar got scared and chased a fish near his home.

His rescue ended after he managed to break in and feed the fish.

As you can see in the picture, he managed to feed the fish a바카라사이트nd has since been taken home.

Balthazar kept a photo of his 바카라catch on Instagram which he said is his favourite.

His family posted우리카지노 the picture with the caption: «You can tell how much you care about the animals and the birds who live in their homes.»

It also includes a picture of the cat as a young boy

The photo was captioned: «You can tell how much you care about the animals and the birds who live in their homes.»

When Balthazar found the fish in his garden, he was so impressed by the fish he had to try to catch him himself.

The cat was caught by a cat called Balthazar which has since been taken home

‘He took the big fish and was so amazed by it’

Although Balthazar said he has saved about 20 fish, it could be weeks before he can tell he has saved all.

But this isn’t his first time and he admitted he has never done it before.

He told the BBC: «I never really know what to do with it. I could tell from it what it’s like to be a cat.

«I love the fact that I can be with this kind of fish and so much more with one, but I’ve never been able to just go to the fish in the bottom of the garden and eat it.

«I guess my favourite thing about the fish is the food for cats. They have no problem having food, they just have to manage to make sure they get their diet.»