Work begins on ore recycling plant

(7:02 a.m.) – One new project on the line of the Keystone XL oil pipeline has been given a major boost in light of a successful attempt to recycle heavy crude oil.

The North American Pipelines (NAPL) oil pipeline construction equipment was installed and tested Thursday. NAPL is the nation’s leading private oil and gas pipeline builder and was founded in 1999 as an oil field equipment manufacturer by a North Dakota family.

With a capacity of up to 16,500 barrels of bitumen per day, NAPL is one of the biggest oil field equipment manufacturers in the world. The company received $8 billion in federal loans and other assistance since 1998 to develop and install a long-range pipeline to move crude from North Dakota’s Bakken oil field, which is located roughly 40 miles south of the border, to refineries along the Gulf Coast.

The latest milestone in the pipeline construction system was achieved during an environmental sampling procedure that was performed from October 7 to 12 in North Dakota. Testing continues Wednesday at the Keystone facility.

«It is great to work with NAPL to learn more about the pipeline and the environmental impact for this facility,» said NAPL president and CEO John Lutke of Fort Berthold. «As I prepare for the next phase of the project, it will be important to work with NAPL in this phase to identify areas for improvement and to reduce our environmental impact. Our pipeline te우리카지노am will be working to identify and solve these and other issues to reduce costs.»

Lutke said the current testing results confirm the pipeline construction equipment will be able to withstand the rigors of the project without failure. The next planned test will include a final environmental assessment. Lutke said the next phase of Keystone would allow NAPL to begin construction of a new facility.

Lutke said this latest announcement was the first and will likely be the last of many new pipeline infrastructure projects. He said NAPL also plans to install more pipeline equipment in the next few months and also will seek additional federal funding in the coming m더킹카지노onths.

«NAPL is looking forward to meeting with pipeline contractors and stakeholders to review the potential for additional improvements in the pipeline des바카라ign and construction,» said Lutke. «The next phase of pipeline development may be complete, but will require additional federal assistance, including the funds we received from the State of North Dakota. By working with partners, we will be able to further optimize this proces